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"You are at the centre of your design."

"I love nothing more than spending time in a space and visualising how to curate a constant positive emotional response and how to celebrate someone’s personality as well as to inspire and empower them every day.

My wish is that sharing the process is as enjoyable as the final result.”

Babette's Story

Style is nothing without function. We can be mesmerised by stylish designs yet their value lessens if they do not blend with the demands of our day to day living and personal positivity.

 Our homes need to work as hard as we do, performing many roles: spaces for entertaining and family dining; multi-functional offices; vibrant children’s adventure playgrounds; a growing teenager’s weekend spa or artist studio; private gym or band rehearsal room and most importantly somewhere to relax, unwind and just be. As your family evolves, Babette’s experience and insight will guide you to ensure that your home and 'living happiness' evolves with you.

 Through listening to your ideas, understanding your needs & colour preferences and embracing your vision Babette will reconfigure living spaces to create a home combining functionality, aesthetics and that 'feel-good' ambience. Any project, regardless of the size from large scale townhouses, to individual rooms, down to the consideration of ‘where to drop the house keys on a daily basis’ will receive the same attention to detail.

 Her formal credentials come from studying at the Architectural Association and working with practices Fletcher Priest Architects, Sophie Hicks Architects and MJP Architects on projects such as BBC Headquarters, The Design Museum and flagship stores for Chloe.

  Her greatest endorsement comes from her private clients, in particular her lively family of two sons and an energetic Greek Husband for whom she is constantly curating spaces.

Babette Bischoff   AA, RIBA


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+44 779 6543 797

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