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Find YOURself at Home again...





Be inspired.  Be inspiring.

Creating happy, beautiful and practical homes. 

Hi, I am Babette.

Interior Designer - yes.

But also, an accredited architect with a 20-year history turning workspaces into high-end offices, shops around the world into flagship stores and houses into havens.

I'm an Interior Architect now working exclusively in residential settings.

From large-scale townhouse renovations to smaller design projects or just helping you discover 'where to drop the keys on arriving home.'

Each receives the same attention to detail.

A home should be beautiful - yes. Your home should reflect your personality. Your style. Only then will it be a warm hug at the end of a long day.

But don't forget a home can and should be practical too!

Whether building from scratch or reorganizing what you have, your space can enhance your family's performance and dynamics and the power of colour integrated into the design can create an ongoing positive impact on your emotional wellbeing.

Inspired by your dreams and lifestyle needs let's work together to resolve your issues, however complex they may be, and create a highly energized environment where you can thrive. I get it, like you I am time-constrained, being a wife and working mother.

Empty space, that you no longer see, can become a room to house bikes. A cloakroom. A kids' den, or the desperately needed home office. Maybe even a quiet retreat area - you've earned it!

As a small business, I stake my reputation on doing the right thing and approach each unique home with a different perspective.

Do you feel...

*  like a move is inevitable - that you've outgrown your home?

*  your kid's room needs an update ideally one that stands the time?

*  bored with the arguments as you trip over each other?

*  your home looks tired and could be shown some love?

Could you see yourself...

* falling in love with your home again? A place where you can be YOURself, but embrace the craziness of family life?

If so, I can help...

*  transform your space from boring to exciting - with a bespoke design that uses your ideas, understands your needs, and enhances your home's performance;

*  project manage the construction - using your choice of builders or mine

*  keep you up to date, but your life stress-free.



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  • Babette Bischoff-Papasavvas




Let's get your project started!

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Tel: +44 779 6543 797

London, United Kingdom

  • babette_bischoff_london
  • Babette Bischoff-Papasavvas
  • Babette Bischoff-Papasavvas
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